Ep. 25 Q&A Grab-bag: t-shirts, talkers, and tossing out nicknames

Megan and Rebekah rifle through the listener question bag and offer their answers on some pressing questions. Does a perfect t-shirt exist, and if so, where do you find it? Does your Myers Briggs type determine how talkative you are (or are not)? And what nickname of Megan’s is just completely unbelievable to Rebekah? All of that plus Awesome of the Week on Episode 25!


1) SORTA AWESOME HANGOUT in OKC! September 20th, 4PM, Bleu Garten: http://www.bleugarten.com/  Join Megan Tietz and Laura Tremaine for a very casual meet-up and hangout in real life in downtown OKC!

2) All Nutrient ClarpHx Active Clarifying Treatment 12 oz

3) Megan’s Happy Hour playlist on Spotify

4) T-shirts at J.Crew (Megan likes the speckled cotton best, but they seem to be sold out. The vintage cotton tee is a similar style!) 

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