The story of sorta awesome

Sorta Awesome is a top women’s lifestyle podcast geared toward women who want to stay current on all things awesome, including culture, media, trending conversations and general girlfriend chat. We like to think that we’re a friendly, warm, engaging corner of the digital world where you’ll find discussions on everything from why you should incorporate Sabbath into a 21st century life to what books you must read this year to how to navigate sticky family situations over the holidays. (“That’s interesting, can you pass the bean dip?” is the exit strategy we recommend.)

Each episode of Sorta Awesome begins with the Awesome of the Week. Meg and her co-host share a recent discovery that makes life easier, better or more sparkly. From there, the show delves into topics that are as varied as the team itself. One week, we might confess our popular opinions. The next, we might share tips on organization. Our goal is for listeners to feel encouraged, empowered and excited to find the awesome in the everyday.

Meg first created Sorta Awesome in 2015, after closing her popular blog, Sorta Crunchy. Sorta Awesome has over one million downloads from thousands of awesome listeners. More than 5000 women are active in the show’s private Facebook group, the Sorta Awesome Hangout. In 2017, we aired our 100th episode and joined the Wondery network. We love our jobs, and we hope your life is a little more awesome because of what we do.