Ep. 26 The truth about anxiety

Wait! Before you decide that listening to an entire episode about anxiety will be very un-awesome, we ask that you go ahead and hit Play. Laura and Megan both feel so passionately about honest, compassionate, and helpful conversations about daily anxiety that they spent weeks planning this show. Nearly 20% of American adults struggle with anxiety, so chances are that even if you do not, someone you love does! In this super-sized episode, they each share their own very different stories as well as their approaches to coping and conquering anxiety. (Also, you don’t want to miss Laura’s Awesome of the Week. One of the most …. INTERESTING we’ve had so far!) Anxiety discussion begins just after the 20:00 mark.


1) Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Kit

2) Tinkle Razor

3) Shiseido razor

4) Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil

5) SortaCrunchy: his favorite chocolate cake

6) hollywood housewife: deep breaths are not the answer

7) L-Theanine

8) Plant Therapy: Stress-FreeSelf-Esteem

9) Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping)

10) autogenic training 

11) Hey Sigmund: Anxiety in Kids

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