Ep. 24 Asking hard questions and answering your calling with guest co-host Dr. Cara Pence

Dr. Cara Pence is a wife, mom, and active member of her church and community, and she is also a practicing general surgeon. This week, she joins us on Sorta Awesome to speak about the way her choices in life have defied the expected gender roles in both her faith community and the medical field. She shares the experience that almost made her quit medical school, how she battles mom guilt, and why having a husband who is a stay at home parent makes the most sense for their family right now. All of that (and more!) plus awesome of the week on Episode 24 of Sorta Awesome!


1) Geocaching.com

2) The Good Wife on IMDB

3) Wiki on escape rooms

Find Cara on Twitter - @surgeonsongs  

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