The Best of sorta awesome

New to Sorta Awesome? Need a place to start? This is the place. Here are a few of our favorite episodes: the most shared, the most loved, the most laughed over and treasured. This will give you a tiny taste of each cohost's style and the type of topics we cover on the podcast. Click on the graphics below to listen right in your browser, or search the episode number in your favorite podcast app. (And if you're new to the whole podcast universe? We can help with that too.) 

group shows

A few times each year, all four cohosts sit down together and record a bit of magic. We never really know what's going to happen when we start talking. Hilarity usually follows. 

Unpopular Opinions - episode 56

Sorry / Not Sorry - episode 110

best of cohosts

real talk about refugees.jpg


In September 2016, Meg had the opportunity to travel to Lebanon with World Vision to visit refugee camps. So when President Trump issued an Executive Order curtailing the U.S. acceptance of refugees, Meg did a whole show to sort through the news. She gathered experts from both sides of the aisle to help separate fact from rumor and listened to real-life stories. It remains one of the most important podcasts in our collection.

truth about anxiety.jpg


Nearly 20% of American adults struggle with anxiety, including Meg and Laura. In this serious but super-helpful episode, they share their individual stories as well as their approaches to coping and conquering anxiety. (Also, you don’t want to miss Laura’s Awesome of the Week. It's one of the most talked about in the history of the podcast.)

PSAs and confessions.jpg


Rebekah is the queen of confession shows. In this one, she and Meg share a few helpful PSAs and then deep dive into embarrassing confessions involving pizza stones, McDonald's and not knowing east from west. Lots of laughs ensue. 

don't do list.jpg


If you've ever felt the pressure to do ALL the things and do them ALL with awesomeness, you'll love what Megan and Kelly have to say in this episode about how important it is to have a DON'T do list. They share all the things they don't do in order to be able to do a few things well. 

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