Ep. 23 Ten awesome tricks and helpful tips

Megan and Kelly are all about letting you in on some helpful tips and tricks that are sure to bring some sparkly awesome to your life. This week, we share ten little life hacks on topics ranging from laundry stains (we know! but really!) to pie crusts to essential oils. Also, Megan shares her number one most important YouTube trick that she forgot to tell you in episode 21! All of that plus Awesome of the Week in Episode 23 of Sorta Awesome.


1) Love Well Blog: Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

2) Two Bossy Dames: newsletter sign-upTwitter, Dame MargaretDame Sophie

3) Ninja on Amazon

4) Carbona stain removers - entire set on Amazon

5) school supplies on Amazon

6) Palazzo pants on Amazon

7) Thred Up (Kelly’s referral link; use it to get $20 off your first order!)

8) Plant Therapy: KidSafe blends

9) Pie Crust tip

10) Tart Cherry Juice on Amazon, Mama Natural video

11) Time: Watch All the TV You Want Without Paying a Cable Bill

12) YouTube playlists

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