Ep. 192 Heartbreak, doubt, and finding faith through the storm

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It has become something of a tradition at Sorta Awesome that on Easter weekend, we get vulnerable in trusting to you our thoughts on our spiritual lives. In this episode, Rebekah shares for the first time her story of faith which includes growing up Mennonite, being plunged into grief over the pain of others as well as her own story of miscarriage, and ultimately finding peace with God even in the midst of painful seasons. You don't want to miss Rebekah's story! And of course, we bring you some light-hearted recommendations including comedy on Netflix and curly girl updates in Awesome of the Week!


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Rebekah’s AoTW: Nate Bargatze's Neflix Comedy Special (view the trailer)

John Crist: Instagram/ YouTube

Cantu Curl Activating Cream, Cantu Come Back Curl

Pam Esh's story of walking through cancer: Booklet/ Podcast

"The Fight for Faith" Spotify Playlist - (edited)

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