Ep. 186 The weirdest things we've bought and loved

Ep. 186 cover.png

What secrets are hiding in your shopping history? What do your favorite purchases say about you? Tune in to this episode when Meg is joined by her sister and Sorta Awesome regular Emily Harris as they reveal to the Awesomes the WEIRDEST things they've ever bought! On this list are things they love but also things that sound a little strange, including a marshmallow whip maker, pig ears, and mushroom ketchup. (Say what?!) All of that plus a great Netflix binge and makeup on the go in Awesome of the Week!


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Dating Around on Netflix
The Little Book of Skin Care, Charlotte Cho
Cushion compact

Nooni marshmallow whip maker
Mushroom ketchup
eyeliner stamp
folding massage table
pig ears, beef knee caps, hemp dog treats
electric mouse trap
charcoal toothpaste (use link grove.co/awesome when you sign up for a free gift!)
snail cream

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