Ep. 190 The awesome of better sex, more often

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Get ready, Awesomes! In this GROWN-UPS ONLY episode of Sorta Awesome, we are taking on a topic we've never covered before, but it's a topic that plays a big role in all of our lives: SEX. This week, Meg is joined by Caitlin Doemner, co-author of the book Sex Every Day, a book she wrote with her husband Michael to help couples everywhere discover how an active sex life can bring greater confidence and fulfillment in every area of our lives. Tune in to hear Caitlin's inspiring advice for overcoming the three big obstacles many women face when it comes to having better sex more often, as well as what it means to expand our ideas about how we define sex. All of this plus so much more, and they share their Awesomes of the Week!


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