Spotify is pretty awesome (and here's why!)

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Over the years, we've shared dozens of Spotify recommendations on Sorta Awesome. There's no doubt that we are huge fans - especially Meg! In this Extra Awesome episode, Meg takes a question from an Awesome and creates a crash course in discovering all the awesome that Spotify has to offer. From how to decide whether this is the best music streaming service for you to tips and tricks for Spotify enthusiasts, this Spotify 101 will get you all set for all the warm weather, windows down days of music ahead!

Spotify Playlists to Check Out

In This House (created by Meg in 2017 for entertaining background music or for the family dance party!)

Sorta Awesome Loves You! (Created by Meg for Sorta Awesome's first birthday in 2016)

Friendsgiving (Created by Awesome Amy Allen Clark)

Sorta Awesome 80s mixtape! (Created by Awesome Chelle)

Let's Stay Together (Created by Awesome Keri)

Sorta Awesome Hip-Hop Collab (Created and organized by Awesome Laura)

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