Ep. 187 10 Awesome Things for Spring 2019

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We've had enough of dreary skies and chilly temperatures, Awesomes! It's time to dig out our sunglasses, open the windows, and get ready for spring 2019! Meg and Rebekah are back with a new episode in a beloved Sorta Awesome series - the seasonal top ten list! Tune in to hear them talk about spring trends for wardrobe and accessories, handy hacks for spring fix-it projects, and the cutest little umbrellas to keep your kids dry in those springtime rains. All of that plus TONS more inspiration for the season ahead and our Awesomes of the Week!


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Rebekah’s AotW: Tile Mate

Meg’s AotW: Essential planner

Rebekah’s Spring 2019 List:

3D Animal Umbrellas for Kids

Tub Cleaning Hack

Jewelry Trends:

Lauren Conrad Tri Tone Open Marquise Drop Earrings

Charming Charlie:

Achena Filigree Layer Necklace

Cristen Layered Bars Necklace

Dunia Stardust Necklace

Alison Lumbatis (Get Your Pretty On) video on what’s in and out for Spring 2019

Activity Cones by Melissa & Doug

3M Patch Plus Primer 4 in 1

Meg’s Spring 2019 List:

Essential Oil recipes (Meg uses and loves both Young Living EOs and Plant Therapy EOs. Links to Plant Therapy provided)

Plant Therapy NovaFuse Diffuser
4 drops lemon
3 drops lavender
2 drops Rosemary

4 drops frankincense
4 drops cypress
2 drops ylang ylang

4 drops lemon
3 drops lemongrass
2 drops peppermint

Game of Thrones - listen to the 2017 Extra Awesome discussion with Meg and Laura

Throw pillow covers (check out these, these, and these)

Sunglasses (see these oversize squares, these mini cat-eyes, and these that come in a pack!)

Wrap silhouette dresses

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