Ep. 53 Fooling around in our free time

It's April Fool's Day, but since neither Megan nor Rebekah are much into pranks, they decided to observe this silliest of holidays by exploring all the awesome ways there are to fool around in what precious little free time they have. Be prepared for lots of laughter and goofiness as they talk books, TV, and apps. They also delve right into some very revealing online quizzes. All of that plus Awesome of the Week!


Awesome of the Week
 Popcast Episode 135
Sorta Awesome Facebook Live Video

1. Buzzfeed on YouTube
2. Newsletters:
Two Bossy Dames
Hot Pod
Black Cardigan
3. Pottermore.com
Megan's Ravenclaw board on Pinterest
4. Books:
Me Before You
It's Not Okay
John Grisham
Janet Evanovitch
All You Need to be Impossibly French
Let's Pretend This Never Happened
Hyperbole and a Half
Someone Could Get Hurt
Emily Giffin
5. Apps:
The Room
Cooking Fever

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