Ep. 52 An ode to excessive honesty with Dana White (A Slob Comes Clean)

Dana White is a hero to her adoring fans, and many of you Awesomes have been asking to hear more from her. We are so excited to welcome her as this month's guest co-host! In today's episode, Megan and Dana discuss the secretive start to Dana's blog A Slob Comes Clean and what can happen when your side project becomes the main project. She also shares how she fills her (very limited) free time by writing plays and reading Harry Potter. All of that, plus awesome of the week!

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Awesome of the Week
Outside Online: The New Science of the Creative Brain on Nature (thank you, Nicole!)
Spring Break at the lakehouse

1. Dana's blog: A Slob Comes Clean
2. A Slob Comes Clean: How to declutter birthday cards
3. Sorta Awesome: Episode 37 on confessions

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