Ep. 16 Wisdom, grace, and a donkey with author Rachel Anne Ridge

What a delight to welcome my long-time blogging friend and acclaimed author Rachel Anne Ridge to Sorta Awesome! Publisher’s Weekly listed her book Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me about Life, Faith, and Second Chances one of their Best Summer Books 2015. Today, she joins us to talk about coffee, parenting (especially parenting teens! eek!), and a donkey named Flash who changed everything for their family.


1) Joy Williams on VENUS song by song at Medium.com

2) Heather King :: The Extraordinary Ordinary, Your Hard is Hard

3) Book Trailer for Flash 

4) FlashTheDonkey.com and Flash on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

Find Rachel Anne at her blog HomeSanctuary.com and on Twitter

As always, thanks to Progger for allowing us to use the song Strut! Find more from Progger at Proggermusic.com

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