Ep. 15 Sixteen shades of awesome: all about Myers Briggs

This week, Kelly is my co-host and we are giddily geeking out about all things Myers Briggs. After we share our Awesomes of the Week (red lipstick! great movies!), we dig into some fantastic listener questions about the Myers Briggs personality typing system. Which type is the most introverted of the extroverts? And can a cabin in the woods help you discover which type you are? Take a listen and find out! We would love to hear your type, too! Find us on Twitter @SortaAwesomeMeg or in the Facebook Group: Sorta Awesome Hangout


1) Sephora’s The Red

2) Creativity, Inc. 

3) Pop Culture Happy Hour episode on Inside Out

4) Monkey See blog: Why the Key Character in Inside Out is the One Who Isn’t There

5) 16personalities.com

6) Davesuperpowers on Youtube

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