Ep. 02 Meet Laura!

I am SO STOKED for this episode of Sorta Awesome! In it, I get to introduce you to one of my closest friends and most favorite people on the planet - Laura Tremaine of Hollywood Housewife. She’s walked red carpets home and abroad, traveled with humanitarian organizations to Sri Lanka and Haiti, and her beautiful home has been featured on Design Mom and on the show Tanked. And now, she’s in your ears as a regular on Sorta Awesome!  


Today, we talk about just how long we’ve known each other, share the awesome happenings in our lives (Laura’s is astronomically more exciting), and she owns up to the one thing she is always talking about!

PS - there were a few audio issues on my end in this episode, a few moments of echo here and there. Hopefully it’s not too distracting. Thanks for bearing with me as I get the hang of this! 



1) Hollywood Housewife: everyone can wear red lipstick

2) Pictures from Laura’s trip. (read more here and here)

3) Shauna Niequist’s Savor (affiliate link) 

4) The full story of Laura’s move to LA and how she met and fell in love with her husband

5) Gorilla Flicks, on Twitter

Find Laura on her blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

As always, thanks to Progger for allowing us to use the song Strut! Find more about Progger on their website and at BandCamp

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