Ep. 212 Something Bad Happened: Volume 2


Guess who is back on Sorta Awesome this week? It's Meg's sister Emily, and she's bringing her undying fascination with all things true crime back to the show! This is Volume 2 of Something Bad Happened, a series on Sorta Awesome where Meg and Emily tell stories of true crime in a way that even Highly Sensitive People (like Meg!) can listen to without getting too disturbed. Tune in to hear the missing persons case of Brandon Lawson (complete with unnerving 911 call) as well as the bizarre and mysterious death of Alexander Stevens.

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Sorta Awesome Episode Episode 191 Something Bad Happened, Vol. 1

Trader Joe’s French Market Fresh Berry Lemonade

BS-MALL makeup brushes

True Crime Garage ep 310

Crawlspace: Brandon Lawson’s brother Kyle

Big Savage: The Death of Alexander Stephens

Mared and Karen: The WVU Co-Ed Murders

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