Ep. 204 A parent's journey through the unexpected

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As all Awesomes know, sometimes the parts of life that bring us the most joy can also bring the most heartache, and that's definitely true of all things parenting. Today, our Sorta Awesome Stories summer series continues when Super Star Awesome Frances Nojd sits down with Meg to share her story of encountering an unexpected diagnosis for her son while she was pregnant with him. Hear Frances tell about the moment that she and her husband first received the news of her son's cleft lip and palate, how she processed this unexpected new chapter in the life of their family, and how moments of awesome kept popping up to encourage her along the way,

All of that plus a spiritual mindfulness app and a powerful new book release in Awesome of the Week!


Frances’ AoTW: PrayAsYouGo app

Meg’s AoTW: Light from Distant Stars, Shawn Smucker:

Article: Cleft lip and cleft palate in babies

Article: Cleft lip and palate

Jack's New Smile: Having a baby with cleft lip and palate

Cuddles for Clefts

Operation Smile

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