Ep. 183 Ten things we wish we had done sooner

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Hey Awesome, let's talk about your To-Do List - especially those things you keep putting off and shuffling to the bottom! We're here to tell you that sometimes, doing the things you've been putting off is actually easier than you think it's going to be! Join Meg and Rebekah as they share with you ten things that they've done that turned out so well, they really wish they had done it sooner. Plus, hear from the Awesomes what they have finally got around to doing that made a huge change in their lives! All of that plus a thrilling Netflix binge and simple skin care in Awesome of the Week.

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How to fold clothes KonMari style
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Rebekah's dust buster (not necessarily the most powerful one - labeled as "medium duty")

How to Hide Your Birthday on Facebook

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