Extra Awesome: Let's Talk Curly Girl!

curly girl EA for web.png

Awesomes, the Curly Girl Method is having a moment! Tune in to this edition of Extra Awesome to hear Meg and Rebekah talk all about the awesome of having curly hair including their history with their hair, what products, techniques, and haircuts they are loving right now, and where to find more information about all things Curly!

Find a Deva Cut salon
Deva products
Curly Hair subreddit (don’t be scared! Meg promises you it’s totally supportive and not at all aggressive)
Naturally Curly blog
LUS Love Ur Curls - Meg uses the Wavy line
LA LOOKS extreme sport gel - must be the blue gel!
As I Am products - Meg likes the coconut co-wash and the leave-in conditioner

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