Ep. 151 How to host and drink like Julia Child

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Is there anyone more epic and awesome when it comes to entertaining than Julia Child? What a legacy of gracious, joy-filled entertaining she left for our world. Today's episode features Dini Rao of Dini Vino, and Dini had the opportunity to experience Julia Child in her element - hosting and loving spending time with people in her home. Tune in to hear more about how to create a home that is open to hosting friends and family in ways that would make Julia so proud! All of that plus some VERY AWESOME Awesomes of the Week!


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Trader Joe’s Rose facial oil
Buy Nothing Project FB
The Post Party (Anna's podcast!)
OUGES Women's V-Neck Pattern Pocket Maxi Long Dress
Epic library app for kids
Mastrad Spiral Ice Cream Pop Molds

Dini Vino on YouTube
Dini's five wines to keep in stock ALWAYS
Dini's pick for perfect boxed wine for summer

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