Ep. 150 Faves and Fails: Summer 2018 Edition

ep 150 cover art.png

At Sorta Awesome, we are committed to bringing you all the awesome you need to know, and we have a fresh dose of new favorites to tell you about this week! Meg and Rebekah are talking all about their recent faves along with a handful of fails, too. Tune in to hear more about curly girls, glitzy eye shadows, cable-less live TV, creative art supplies, and more! And as always, awesome of the week!


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 Hope Necklace from Church Street Designs
Garnet Hill Favorite Knit Maxi Skirt

Rebekah's Faves:

satin pillow case

Nature's Gate Shampoo & Conditioner

Crayola Slick Stix

Bathroom Tray from Grove Collaborative

Rebekah's Fails:

Snack Factory Apple Fruit Sticks

Blossom Cup

Meg's Faves:
The Pick-up Line
YouTube TV
Colourpop FAME Palette (Get 20% off of your first Colourpop order when you use Meg's link!)

Meg's Fails:
Panda Planner

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