Ep. 134 Ten secrets for friendship revealed

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Do you ever wonder how you became an adult who still struggles to make friends? We are here to reveal to you ten secrets to help you be the friend that everyone will want to get to know better! From figuring out how to approach people to build a friendship to knowing what to say to a friend when times get tough, we've got insights for every situation. Plus, our amazing and fierce friend Osheta Moore is here to join Meg with some Awesome of the Week!

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1. A few of us are getting together ...
2, Tell me more about that!
3. You're doing it!
4. It wasn't supposed to be this way.
5. Thank you for trusting this to me.
6. How can I help you face this?
7. I need a witness.
8. I'm assuming positive intent.
9. This just isn't for me.
10. I can do these things well.

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