Ep. 87 Real talk about refugees

Pull up a chair, and we'll pour you some tea. A recent Executive Order from President Trump has the world talking about the United States and refugees. This week, Megan asked Kelly to help her sit down and sort through the news, identifying facts, gathering some expert opinions, and listening to the stories of people close to the situation. It's a super-sized episode of Sorta Awesome (and they still didn't even come close to covering it all!), and of course, you'll hear their Awesomes of the Week!


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President Trump's Refugee Order: 5 Things to Know, Preemptive Love
Facts and Figures about Refugees, UNHCR
Refugees are already vigorously vetted. I know because I vetted them, The Washington Post
Five Myths of the Debate over Trump's Refugee Executive Order, National Review
Terrorism and Immigration, A Risk Analysis, CATO Institute
The 1951 Refugee Convention, UNHCR
Syrian Refugees Feel More Welcome in Europe that in the Gulf, Bloomberg
What Trump's Executive Order on Immigration Does - and Doesn't Do, The Atlantic

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