Ep. 74 Ten things to look forward to for fall and holidays 2016!

In the midst of the tensions of the world around us, it's sometimes easy to forget the things that make life awesome. Rarely is there a time of year when there is so much awesome to be found than the fall and holiday season! In this episode, Megan and Rebekah deliver a list of ten things they are looking forward to in the months ahead. Everything from music to food to a devotion to simplifying make the list - with lots more to get excited about, as well! All of that, plus Awesome of the Week!


1. Stephen Edward Graphic on Etsy
the decal Rebekah bought

2. Heavyweight
3. Better Than Pumpkin Pie Cake
4. Dignify shop - Megan's favorite kantha throw
5. Homemade Halloween Costumes:
Bag of Popcorn 
Birthday Present
6. Sweet potato cheese cake
7. PicMonkey.com
8. Hanna Andersson pajamas
9. Christmas-themed books for bedtime
10. Leslie Odom Jr Christmas album
11. Amazon Prime Membership
12. Merry Little Christmas Project

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