Ep. 35 Make your days merry, bright, and awesome!

Your holiday survival guide is here! In this episode, Megan and Kelly team up to tackle your questions about making the most of the holiday season. How do you un-stick yourself from sticky conversations around the dinner table? How do you know who to visit and when? And what do you do about all of those gifts? Plus, they share some of your INCREDIBLE ideas for holiday traditions. All of that, plus Awesome of the Week!

Show Notes

1. Mindware.com

2. Maybelline color tattoo eye shadow - Barely Brazen

3. SortaCrunchy: Anticipating Holidays: Relationship Boundaries

4. Vita Familiae: To the Mamas of Littles During the Holidays

5. The Art of Simple: How to Avoid Relationship Strain on Gift-Giving Occasions

6. Elfster.com

7. Advent Conspiracy

8. Reluctant Sojourner: A Joy-Filled Christmas series

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