Ep. 21 Uncovering the awesome of YouTube

In Episode 21, a listener question about kids and YouTube safety inspired Megan and Rebekah to leave no stone unturned in exploring just what it is that makes YouTube so awesome. The history of YouTube, why millions of people are subscribing to channels, how much money professional YouTube personalities make, and what parents need to know to keep their kids safe - all of that and a whole bunch more gets covered today!

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1) The Art of Simple : Date nights/Tate nights

2) The Skimm

3) Business Insider : History of YouTube

4) Channels mentioned on the show:

Evolution of Dance
Chocolate Rain
My Drunk Kitchen
Tyler Oakley
Grace Helbig
Bethany Mota

5) Rebekah’s pop bottle sprinkler video

6) PewDiePie discusses how much money he makes

7) Common Sense Media: A Parent’s Ultimate Guide to YouTube

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