Ep. 00 Introducing Sorta Awesome



FINALLY! After many delays and a learning curve much steeper than I anticipated, I am so thrilled to tell you that the podcast is up and running and ready to go!

Ep. 00 is an introduction to the podcast where you’ll hear my hopes and dreams and swirly visions for the future of the podcast and learn who will be co-hosting with me. I’ll also share more with you about myself including my five minute life story, the biggest challenges I am facing right now, and the thing I am ALWAYS talking about.

Thank you for listening!

Show Notes:

Former blog - SortaCrunchy

Spirit-Led Parenting book (affiliate link)

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Progger! Thank you to Progger for allowing us to use the song Strut.

Find more of Progger’s incredible music on their website, at BandCamp, and on Facebook and Twitter

Amazing, wonderful, sassy, brilliant co-hosts!

Rebekah of Simply Rebekah

Laura of Hollywood Housewife

Kelly of Love Well