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In this exclusive episode, Meg and Laura have a frank discussion about the business of taking care of lady business. You'll hear Laura's stories, experiences and advice on grooming, and she and Meg dish on period talk - specifically the products they swear by and the one they are both too chicken to try.

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Not all Super Aweomes feature Meg. In this episode, Kelly and Laura talk openly about a common issue that caused a major crisis in mental health for both of them - and how they came back from the brink. 

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The first episode in our Sorta Taboo series, in which Meg and Kelly talk about the concepts that have recently revolutionized their thoughts about sex and sexuality. It's the kind of direct conversation you can only have with your best girlfriends. 


Sorta Awesome is dedicated to the pursuit of awesome, and part of living a life more awesome is being able to laugh at yourself while sharing your silliest confessions. Every hardworking wife and mom has little secrets that she usually keeps to herself about corners she cuts, things she neglects, and projects she leaves unfinished.

Join Megan, Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura in this hour-long laugh-out-loud listen where they each share some of their funniest homemaking confessions. From kids sleeping in closets to indulging mealtime pickiness, you'll hear these friends confide the homemaking confessions that are guaranteed to make you feel better about your own "I'll never tell!" list. 

On Sorta Awesome, we are dedicated to the pursuit of awesome. But we also live in the reality that some seasons of life are not all glitter and grins! Whether it's because you are solo parenting, navigating stress, or just trying to survive survival mode, as a mom there will be days or weeks when you feel like you are mothering to the max!

Join Megan, Kelly, Rebekah, and Laura in this hour long deep-dive into all the tips, tricks, hacks, and inspiration you need to plan your meals, organize your routines, and practice excellent self-care. Sometimes life is stressful, but with a little help from the best girlfriends you've never met, there can be moments of sparkle and shine that help you rock the awesome in the everyday!

The complete and totally awesome gift guide for the 2016 holiday season from the hosts of the Sorta Awesome podcast. This special episode is stuffed full of gift ideas for the kids, teens, women and even the men in your life. We share our favorite ideas, what's on our actual lists this year, AND we laugh a lot. Practical and enjoyable. Exactly what a gift should be.


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