A Refuge for refugees

In September 2016, Sorta Awesome creator and host Megan was part of a team of people working in American media who traveled with World Vision USA to Lebanon. While there, they met with Syrians experiencing the refugee crisis created by Syria's civil war, as well as Lebanese people who are part of the efforts to bring relief and recovery the more than one millions Syrians now living in their country.

In this three-part series, she tells the stories of all they saw and experienced.

A Refuge for Refugees is in podcast form. To listen, simply click on the picture for each installment in the series below, and the episode will begin playing for you. Alternatively, you can find the series in a podcast app by searching for "Sorta Awesome" in the iPhone podcast app (it has a purple icon and says "podcasts"), in Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts. Once you find Sorta Awesome, scroll through the list of episodes until you come to the series of three episodes titled A Refuge for Refugees.