Here at Sorta Awesome, we talk a lot about finding the awesome in the everyday. Wonder what we mean by that? Here's our manifesto! Put it on your iPhone as a screen saver for free; just click the download link of your choice below. Or click over to our Zazzle store and purchase keychains, notebooks and more. 

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Awesome Manifesto Gold.jpg
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Life is sorta awesome

In April 2016, we commissioned Brave Little Taylor to create original artwork just for you, to celebrate one year of Sorta Awesome!

This awesomely glittery artwork can be downloaded as a high-quality PDF and printed out OR you can download it to use as your desktop wallpaper or phone background! Click on the links below and a new tab will open with your file for download. We hope you enjoy this little reminder of just how AWESOME life can be!

Click here for a 5 x7 PDF for printing

Click here for an 8 x 10 PDF for printing

Click here for 8 x 10 with lettering only PDF for printing

Click here for 1920 x 1080 px for desktop wallpaper

Click here for 960 x 640 phone background (iPhone 4 or comparable)

Click here for 1136 x 640 (iPhone 5 or comparable)

Click here for 1334 x 750 (iPhone 6 or Galaxy S3 or comparable)