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Sorta Awesome is a weekly podcast for women that encourages listeners to find the awesome in the everyday.

Each episode of Sorta Awesome is listened to more than 12,000 times in the four weeks after the episode's release. The number of listeners who tune into Sorta Awesome grows each month!

Is your online business, service, or product, podcast, or new book release a great fit for our Awesome community? We would love to partner with you to bring attention to your work through sponsoring an episode of Sorta Awesome.

Your Sorta Awesome sponsorship will include:

  • a 20 second pre-roll ad which will play at the beginning of your sponsored episode
  • a 2 minute ad which will be featured in the middle of the episode
  • a 20 second post-roll ad which will be played at the end of the episode you sponsor
  • additionally, your sponsorship of Sorta Awesome will include an image and ad copy in the weekly Sorta Awesome newsletter which goes out each Saturday to over 1100 subscribers and boasts an open rate of 65-70% (a percentage which crushes industry standards!)
  • a link to your business will be included in the show notes for your episode, and additionally, we will feature your work on the Sorta Awesome social media channels in the week following your sponsored episode's release
  • it's important to remember that the tail of a podcast episode has much longer reach than a traditional blog post or other social media messaging. Some of our more popular episodes have over 10,000 listens and continue to climb

Here's what Jen Hoffman, owner of Healthy Moving, said about her experience sponsoring Sorta Awesome:

"I highly recommend partnering with the Sorta Awesome Podcast to get your brand in front of a wonderful audience. Megan and her team are so easy to work with, helping to craft an advertising plan that unites your message with the needs and interests of the loyal Sorta Awesome community. And those listeners ... they are totally awesome to work with. They are kind and thoughtful, truly dream clients and customers for any brand looking to empower and encourage women."
A little about the Sorta Awesome community of listeners:

  • Sorta Awesome listeners are highly engaged and often enthusiastically take action on products or services mentioned on the show
  • 99% of our listeners are women, and 87% of those women are in the 25-44 age range
  • Over 90% of our listeners are married and over 70% of them have 2-4 children
  • over 2000 of our listeners are part of our highly active and powerfully engaged Sorta Awesome Hangout on Facebook where your ad will also be featured in the week following your episode's air date

Once you purchase your episode sponsorship, we'll be in touch to go over all of the details! Thank you for partnering with us to bring YOUR awesome to the world!

To book your sponsorship of Sorta Awesome, please email sortaawesomemegan@gmail.com

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