Ep. 206 Love, community, and pastoring ... all in a day's work

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Imagine adding to the mix of your daily home life and responsibilities: a vibrant social life, an active commitment to developing community, oh and also, the care and nurture of souls. Now imagine doing all of this side by side with your husband! That's the story our Super Star Awesome has brought to share with us this week as the Sorta Awesome Stories summer series continues. The Reverend Paige Evers joins Meg to talk about her path to seminary, how parenting brought a pause to her call to ministry, and how she and her husband have developed an approach to co-pastoring that allows them to live within healthy boundaries while each of them fulfill their callings.

All of that plus some journaling inspiration and a glossy red lip favorite in Awesome of the Week!


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Paige’s AoTW: Draw Your Day: An Inspiring Guide to Keeping a Sketch Journal by Samantha Dion Baker


Meg’s AoTW: Stila sheer red liquid lipstick in Beso

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