Ep. 201 Don't fear the pivot!


Today we are kicking off a brand new series for Summer 2019, and it is going to be AWESOME! All summer long, we'll be tuning in to the stories of the Awesomes - what they've learned in life and what they want to tell you to make YOUR life more awesome! To kick off this series, we get to hear from a very active, very awesome member of our Awesome community: Colleen Cook. Listen to hear how Colleen's career has taken not just a few unexpected pivots, and don't miss her advice on how to make the most of opportunities to change. (Plus, not just a little Enneagram talk thrown in, too!)


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Colleen’s AotW: 5 Second Journal by Mel Robbins

Meg’s AotW: Facebook group House Plant Hobbyist

God Our Mother by The Liturgists

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