Ep. 198 The best parenting advice for every age & stage


Awesomes! Get excited! Today's episode features an Awesome who really knows how to bring warm wisdom and practical advice to every challenge of parenting. You all have been asking to hear Karen McVey on the show for years, and this week, she's here to answer questions about parenting from newborns to young adults! From baby sleep and schedules to screen time for kids to the big transition to parenting young adults, Karen has done it all and her relationship with her husband and children is thriving. She's here to share her advice with YOU! Tune in for all of that plus a showstopper dessert and a new Trader Joe's favorite in Awesome of the Week!


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Chocolate Truffle Loaf with Raspberry Sauce

Trader Joe’s Blueberry Lavender Almond Beverage

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