Trusting our hunger, our bodies, and ourselves

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When it comes to food, eating, and body size, most of us have more questions than answers. What would happen if I stopped restricting certain kinds of foods? Can I trust my body to tell me the truth about what I need to feel satisfied and full? What if I want to both love my body AND lose weight for health reasons? Thankfully, Awesomes Know How to find advice and direction on these topics, and in today's Extra Awesome, Meg is joined by certified health coach and podcast host Christine Brandt of We Feel Super Nourished!

Tune in to hear some encouraging feedback and powerful wisdom from Christine who is ready to accompany you on your journey to long-term, sustainable nutrition!


Intuitive Eating

We Feel Super Nourished podcast

We Feel Super Nourished series on body positivity parts 1, 2, 3, and 4

We Feel Super Nourished Ep. 14 A Nourishing Vocabulary Lesson

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