Ep. 155 Rescuing meal plans and picking perfect planners

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It's (almost!) August, and some of our Awesomes are heading into the second half of summer while others are stocking up on school supplies. Whatever the time of year though, we know our Awesomes love to talk about smooth systems of organization. Today's episode features two helpful conversations to get you on track (or at least start thinking about getting on track!). First, former co-host of Sorta Awesome and current host of Smartest Person in the Room and creator of 10 Things To Tell You Laura Tremaine stops by, and she has many words to share on picking the perfect planner. Later, Meg is joined by Awesome Tiffany King, creator of Eat At Home meal plans and author of the new cookbook Eat At Home Tonight. Tune in to get the second half of 2018 on track for AWESOME!


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BIAS series at Smartest Person in the Room
10 (thousand) words about choosing a personal planner
Eat at Home meal plans
Eat At Home Tonight cookbook


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