Ep. 41 Inspiration for an awesome new year!

Sorta Awesome is back! Rebekah joins Megan for this first show of the brand new year, and they are going to get you inspired for 2016 with insane goals, powerful words, and meaningful mantras. They've invited other Awesomes to share their hopes and plans for the new year, too! Later in the show, they dig into home care and keeping, and you might just be surprised by what they have to say! All of that plus Awesome of the Week!

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Awesome of the Week

The Healthy Moving Podcast Ep. 32; The Lively Show, Ep. 105

1. Rebekah's past insane goals
2. Megan's past One Words
3. 9 things I learned cleaning every day for a month
4. Sorta Tidy Challenge group on Facebook
5. ASlobComesClean.com & Podcast
6. Shaklee Cleaner on Amazon

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