Ep. 31 Birthday parties: less stress, more awesome!

Birthday parties are a pretty solid fact of life. They can be magical or a major pain depending on the party-thrower! Kelly of lovewellblog.com joins Megan to talk birthday party philosophy while sharing practical tips to inspire your next soiree. Questions covered include to surprise or not to surprise? How to make a party happen when you are busy adulting? And who really wants the junk in those goody bags? All of that plus Awesome of the Week on Episode 31 of Sorta Awesome!


1. TiffyQuake on YouTube - Rosie the Riveter costume idea

2. Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil at Amazon. Also available (along with many other Acure Organics!) at ePantry.com. Referral link: https://www.epantry.com/referrer/30581/

3. Love Well Blog: spy birthday partyfaux sleepover party, and ALL the 31 Days Of Birthday Party Ideas!

4. SortaCrunchy: red bird birthday party

5. Elizabeth Mitchell’s You Are My Little Bird

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