Ep. 13 Just a few helpful how-tos

Rebekah is here for Episode Lucky Number 13! 

Today, we are all about telling you HOW-TO on a fantastic array of topics. Listen in to hear us tell:

1) How-to get your summer sizzling with a beloved series premiere 

2) How-to make a super frugal backyard kid-pleaser

3) How-to navigate a seat-squirming awkward dinner with friends

4) How-to potty train a toddler boy (I used a lifeline and called a friend on this one!)

5) How-to start a blog!



1) Rebekah’s viral video (and the post from Simply Rebekah)

2) Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, Piper Herman

3) Meet my friend Lora Lynn of Vitafamilae.com

 Vitafamiliae: Potty Train like a Pro

4) Amy Lynn Andrews, How to Start a Blog

Mad Mimi




Kat Lee’s How They Blog

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