What is the show’s Amazon link?

Thanks for supporting us! You can send a few pennies our way every time you shop on Amazon by entering the store through the Sorta Awesome door. Click here, or type sortaawesomeshow.com/amazon into your browser.

I live outside the U.S. Can I use your Amazon link?

Sadly, no. It’s only valid in the United States. (But thanks for listening! We love our international Awesomes.)

Is it true there's a club for people who support the show financially, and they get special insider goods?

Kinda. :) For $5 a month, you can join us at Patreon, and support the work Megan and the team do each week to create the podcast and curate the community in the Sorta Awesome Hangout. We also release special Patreon-only shows occasionally, our version of a hug and kiss for our financial supporters. Sign up here.

Where can I find the recipe for those salsa chicken tacos everyone talks about?

Here you go: Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken Tacos. Kelly first mentioned this slow-cooker staple on Episode 23. Just seven ingredients and you’ve got one of the easiest, tastiest, most versatile meals ever.

Other popular Kelly recipes include:

Creamy Wild Rice and Chicken Soup

Lasagna Soup

Thai Quinoa Salad

Garlicky Green Beans

How I can find out my Myers-Briggs personality type?

We recommend the free test at 16Personalities.com.

A few tips: when you’re answer the questions, think about your truest self. Some of us find it helpful to imagine our 22-year-old selves answering the questions. That way, the results reflect you untouched by what you’ve learned in life. If you’re still having trouble, check out our Myers-Briggs episodes.



How about my Enneagram number?

Our Enneagram experts say the best way to determine your Enneagram type is to read the nine profiles at the Enneagram Institute and see which one fits you the best.

Online tests, especially the free ones, are notoriously suspect. There is a $12 test at Ennegram Institute if you really like tests.

Or you can listen to our two shows on the Ennegram and work through it that way. Leigh Kramer has great insight.



I want to stay more up-to-date on current events. Any recommendations?

We love The Skimm, a Monday through Friday newsletter that comes straight to your In Box. If you’re looking for something you can listen to, rather than read, check out NPR’s Five-Minute Update. (Search for it in your podcast app.) It’s five-minutes of headlines updated every hour with the latest news.

I’m just getting started with podcasts. What other recommendations do you have for me?

If you like to learn, we highly recommend Smartest Person in the Room, which is hosted and produced by two of our Sorta Awesome team members, Laura and Megan. If you like to laugh, check out The Popcast, which is highly favored by the Sorta Awesome team. #SisterFromAnotherMister

Other recommendations: On Being, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Pop Culture Happy Hour, Babysitters Club Club, The Lively Show, What Should I Read Next, The Happy Hour, Off Camera with Sam Jones, The Liturgists, StartUp, In the Dark and if you’re Rebekah, Here to Make Friends: A Bachelor Recap Show. Be aware: not all our podcast recommendations are safe for little ears, so use discretion. (This is why God gave us earbuds.)

And if you're really new to podcasts, check out our New to Podcasts? guide. It has the answers to all the questions you're afraid to ask. 

What’s that app the cohosts use to keep in touch?

Voxer! It’s a voice message app that lets users talk live (like a walkie-talkie) or leave voice messages for friends to listen to when they have time. It’s a little like voice mail, only you don’t have to call someone’s phone and wade through the prompts to leave a message. The Sorta Awesome team uses Voxer almost every day to produce the podcast.